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This prescription evidences a contract for the sale and delivery of the specially-manufactured goods mentioned herein, and subject to the following terms and conditions:

All accounts are due and payable within 15 days of statement date. Balances past 30 days will be subject to a C.O.D. status. A service charge of 1 1/2% per month (annual rate 18%) will be applied to any unpaid balance.

Client agrees to pay, in full, the stated price of the goods, plus any late payment penalties, plus all costs of collection including attorney's fees, if any.

Each order or work authorization filled, or appliance made, constitutes a complete and separate transaction to be billed and collected as such. Acceptance of new orders by United Dental Laboratories, Inc. shall not represent any accord and satisfaction and shall not relieve Customer of indebtedness to United Dental Laboratories, Inc.

Any use, sale, transfer, modification of the appliance or failure to reasonably notify and return the appliance within 14 days to United Dental Laboratories, Inc. shall constitute acceptance.

Any defects in returned goods must be particularized and United Dental Laboratories, Inc. retains the right to effect cure of the defect.

Client dentist must examine all appliances and determine their fitness for any intended usage. THERE ARE NO EXPRESS WARRANTIES AND NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE GIVEN BY United Dental Laboratories, Inc.

This transaction shall be governed by the laws of Ohio. Acceptance of the goods constitutes acceptance of all items and conditions herein. This writing evidences the complete and final expression of the agreement.

United Dental Labs does not charge for remakes for one year from invoice date except for the following situations:

  • When questionable impression, die, margin or bite registration is approved to go to finish.
  • Metal try-in is requested but approved to finish case.
  • Teeth have been re-prepared.
  • Shade change from original prescription.
  • Partial fits master cast, but not in the mouth.

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