Vitallium® 2000 Partials

Vitallium 2000 is the new standard for premium chrome/cobalt alloys. The improved physical properties provide your patients with a partial denture of extraordinary strength, superior fracture resistance and smaller, lighter design applications.

DuraFlex™ Flexible Partials

DuraFlex is an advanced thermoplastic that is clinically unbreakable, easy to adjust and even easier to polish. Thin and transparent, DuraFlex flexible partials virtually disappear in the mouth. They are also unusually resistant to water absorption, making them less likely to absorb stains or odors. 

Tooth Colored Clasps

Color stable and resistant to staining and plaque build-up, United Dental's tooth colored clasps are bio-compatible and have no metal substructure, improving health and aesthetics.

Ivocap Denture Injection System

Our Ivocap dentures and partials are non-allergenic with "zero" shrinkage. United Dental uses Ivocap to create dentures that fit precisely and comfortably without shrinking or shifting from time and wear.